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21st Century Dinosaur

‘Hey please, can you help me download snap chat’…huh? ‘How do they put that flower thing on whatsapp’…what?  ‘I hate Instagram because no message is private’…are you joking? ‘How do I get on twitter’…haaaaaa! ‘Please contact me on wuzzup’…say whhhhaatttt?


So yes, please if you find the above relatable, then you are a dinosaur and we need no more introductions. Like the pre historic era of ‘tyrex and his friends’, we also have different categories here. From the above who I like to call the ‘Chronic dinosaurs’, to the ‘confused dinosaurs’ who just get on with trends without really understanding what they are about and just how to even work them. Let us not leave out the ‘Self acclaimed dinosaurs’ who for some reason have decided to just not hop on the social media bus.


I would be dealing with the latter because while some parents and relatives fall into the former, the latter is the most relatable to many. After a little research I found out that for some reason, some of us have pegged social media the blood sucking demon that would be the end of us and so we have stayed as far away from social media as is humanly possible. Mind you, these ‘Self acclaimed dinosaurs’ have functional emails, they have mobile phones and they understand that google answereth a lot of questions but then, that is just where they have chosen to be. Right there!


These selected few and somewhat special people have chosen not to make the move towards the Instagram road. They have built for themselves a wall so high and impenetrable by the twitting needles of twitter. They would rather work solely with google than bask in Facebook knowledge. This unique class of dinosaurs are nothing close to elderly, Infact they some are so young it is hard to believe they belong here.


Now after a bit of probing, I found out that from self-righteous reasons to the downright reason of just being laid back to the excuse of self-preservation, members of this sect just chose to not join the social media wagon that everyone seems to be hoping on. You may beg to differ on the existence of these special humans. But then like I did, feel free to do your own research and for those who agree with me, do you think we need these burden dragging our beast of technological advancements backwards in this 21st century?


The answer is Oh hell yeah! We very well do and for the following reasons:

-          For advertisers to make money because they would never advertise on Instagram.

-          For app developers to stay in business, giving them something to work towards #creating a pro dinosaur app.

-          It keeps the past in the past #Some relatives cannot be all up in our social media shit ever.

-          To still give us a link to the good old pre social media era.

-          To be the good voice of reasoning when social media eventually rises up to destroy us.

-          They give us a glimpse of just how hard  life was for our parents.

-          They make us value the act of calling and texting and visiting.

-          Finally so that you have something to read today ;-)



Bottom line is because you are a social media freak might mean that you are more popular, you attain cheap celebrity status but doesn’t mean you are better!...Social media makes you regular, these weird ones technically speaking are the really special ones…the real MVPs…because they are unique in their own way.


So if you are a dinosaur please read this piece with a smile and know that  ‘you are not as bad as everyone thinks you are’, after all you can read this *winks*

Feel free to air your views, agree or disagree by clicking on the register button below and let me know exactly what your thoughts are. To suggest a topic, you can also send your suggestions via mail to: mauraleen@yahoo.com....don't just read...let's talk!


By Maureen Alasa.


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