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This week on the Fix they discuss on relationships as they go into the mind of both genders and how they see thigns. They talk on dating at all stages of age and the possibility of how and where...

This week on the The Fix they discuss on the middle names of various individuals as well as the one of Temisan which is Leroy, sounds weird those it. Well thats the topic today.

This week on the fix a  scenario was brougfht up where by people of the opposite sex are having a meal and the guy orders his meal and the lady declines to wanting to have something to eat. Just...

This week on the Discourse they talk about the kidnapping of students in Edo state. Thye talk about the insecurity in that demographic in Nigeria

This week on The Fix they sort of interview an OAP on the show going by the name Temisan. They talk about his childhood, where and how he grew up and various aspects of his general life.

This week on the fix they discuss on various artiste in the industry who may have somehow gone away quitely from the music scene. We are not referring to one hit wonders but artiste who seem to...

This week on the fix they discuss about a ghanian couple gettign into a situation where the woman was earning more than her partner and she failed to disclose how much she made with him. While he...

This week on the fix the discussion was about an on air persnal eating cat pepper soup, not cat fish pepper soup but an actuall cat on pepper soup. They also interview a guest asking questions...


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