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This week on the fix they talk about how Nigerians eat almsot anything as they discuss on one or two experinces on how hunters have killed a certain irrespective animals too feed or how a wale was...

This week on the fix they talk about uti from big brother going on social media to make a statement to never go against his family even if his family member was clifforde urgi due to the affair...

This week on the discourse they talk about the issue happening plotically in Nigeria. Thyeve been insecurity and security issues in Nigeria, where it has not been safe for children in Nigeria this...

This week on the fix one of the host talk about a conversation he had which led to a statement being made which said that the key for a woman to have the man she wants is with women but the...

This week on the fix they talk about young lovers who come togther with little to finances to themselves but as time goes on the man then makes some fortune and decides to get a trophy wife cause...

This week on discourse they talk on the specifics of the arrest of a man in Sokoto ehich has to do with a person who belongs to a cartel that moves drugs accross the boarders from Nigeria to Niger...

This week on the fix we talk on our finances and peoples monthly expenses? So what those your month look like is it extensive or durable? What are the thing on your list that are not neccesary? or...

This week on the fix the host indulges callers from out side on the radio in a conversation. The callers are interviewed and questioned on certain issues.

This week on the fix they talk about Xzibit's wife filing for divorce after he condemns Dr Dre's split in marriage with his wife. Why is after so many years of marriage in you fifthies you just...

This week on the fix they talk on how men think they are so special when they pertake in parenting or even when they maybe the primary care taker becuase by default they think its a mother's job...


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