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Bad brains Singer to have Brain Surgery

The singer of the influential punk band Bad Brains has revealed that he will undergo surgery — for his brain.
H.R., the frontman of the influential Washington-based band, suffers from a rare type of headache known as SUNCT that brings intense and frequent pain.

The singer told the metal news site Loudwire that he will undergo surgery on February 21 with a doctor who has performed similar operations more than 200 times.
His wife and caregiver Lori raised funds for the operation through an online pitch to fans, saying his treatment was not fully covered by health insurance.
“The intensity of the nighttime headaches is so great that he yells, cries out, groans and sobs — repeatedly, every few minutes, for most of the night,” she wrote in the appeal last year.

Bad Brains, who were nominated last year to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, were at the forefront of the hardcore punk scene that emerged in the US capital in the early 1980s.

One of the rare African American bands in punk rock, Bad Brains gradually brought more reggae into the music as the group emphasized Rastafarian spirituality.

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