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Can Anything Good Come Out Of This?

Picture this : You got in really late from work yesterday and after a hectic day which included your struggle through severe traffic congestion, all the strength you could muster was used to take off your clothes, toss your shoes and jump in bed with little regard for the pile you have just created which consisted of your work clothes, shoes and bag. The last thing on your mind may have been gratefulness to God for the completion of yet another hectic day, assuming you are too tired to dwell on the ills of the day.


Now this is you up at the sound of your alarm, you may or may not have overslept and just as you open your eyes, you feel the cold wetness of your human deposition all over your bed, a sign you had slept in the heat #no light and no fuel for the generator. So as the thick blackness of a new dawn hits you, you scramble off bed in search of a flash light, phone or any form of illumination and then just as you take a few steps...whack...there goes your head against the door frame thanks to the crumpled pile from the previous night obstructing your movement...Now lets quickly get to the part where you eventually turn on the shower and that all too familiar sound of running water is replaced by the silence and the racing of your heart as it starts to panic at the realization that no light and no fuel meant no water.


Hmmm...the scenario above is putting lightly just how much of psychological trauma the average Nigerian has had to deal with in recent times. The state of the Nation's economy has gradually crept into the hearts and minds of the average Nigerian leading to a state of unavoidable depression. The state of the Nation is not lost on us but then the question is 'Can anything come out of this?' Dwelling on the economical and political ills of the Nation would do us all no good...true...but does that mean that we should leave our sanity at the mercy of all that is going on right now?


The answer is No and Yes we can get something good out of this, we can put our depression to good use by deciding to stand up for ourselves. As humans our sanity is our right and Nigerians are no exception to this. So if you find yourself depressed, thanks to our economy today, what do you do?


Tell yourself the truth : Take a long, hard look at yourself and tell yourself 'I am depressed and only I can help me.' Look around you and pin point every thing that has gone down hill since all of this economical regression started...if you can do this, you are on your way to healing.


Socialize : I know just how much depression can drown you. It could separate you from everyone and make you be all by yourself. Depression begets loneliness and that just makes it worse. So remember you weren't here months ago, this is all temporary and you are not alone. So seek out others, colleagues, friends, neighbors, family members, anyone who you can converse with and just feel among. If you can handle it bring up the economy and you would be surprised to find out what others have had to go through this period. Perhaps you would find a reason to appreciate yours.


Get busy : It could be a bit of charity, church responsibilities, anything to make you feel useful and impactful. You can also try to reach out to those who have it worse. Remember it doesn't have to be monetary, not with all that is going on. So I am talking useful service.


Do more and spend less : We all know how much it sucks when we are broke and have little or no cash, so do more. Fix broken home equipments, learn to treat your family to home cooked meals instead of ordering take outs. Wash the car yourself, do your gardening, teach your dogs to eat more regular foods...lol anything to just cut cost this period would be fine.


Set goals : Look around you and see just how much you can do with the present economic situation. Your line of business would be required here as this could also be lucrative on the long run, assuming you find some great untapped money making potential in you.


Also never under estimate the power of a sound mind in eradicating depression and so exercising would go a long way. Remember also nothing is worth keeping you up at night and so please sleep when and if you must. Depression is indeed on the rise what with all we have been faced with as Nigerians in recent times...but if we are ready to exercise our right to sanity and sound mind, we would definitely go through this phase...as individuals of this great Nation...:-)



By Maureen Alasa

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