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Can We All Be Mothers?

So mother’s day is around the corner and everyone seems to be in the mood of gifting mothers and I totally agree. But then can we take a different look at it all? Should mother’s day matter so much? Wait, don’t be quick to have my head on your myopic plates without actually getting the point.



So yes, why is there so much rave about mother’s day when in actuality mothers should be celebrated all day and every day? Do you need the world to even set a day aside for this before you realize the need to celebrate your mother? Forgive me if I think it more hypocritical than genuine. I mean, common…Regardless of all the reasons you wished at some point to have had a different mother, you are here… reading this piece. So look! it means that whether she considered it or not she made a decision to keep you and that alone deserves eternal gratitude and trust me you really should let this special woman feel special every waking moment of your life and not just on a day the world thinks you should.



Now the big question ‘what do we do with MARCH 26’?

To answer the above question, why don’t we all be mothers? No…it is not a crazy suggestion if you would just like was stated earlier, look at all this differently. We all know about the economic state of the Nation and saying that we feel its impact differently would be stating an obvious fact. So yes, why can’t we be mothers to our country?



If there is one very distinctive quality of a mother it is care giving. So yes from the environment to members within a sect of which we are a part of: be it church, a social sect or whatever why don’t we just reach out to anyone around and just show care to these people or things? Did you ever see your mum tend to a little garden just behind the house while growing up? So why do you think it would be a taboo to plant a few flowers on your street, church yard or anywhere you can think of? Some of us have got aging mums and so it would be super awesome to visit ‘old people’s homes’ and centres just to show love to these ones who may not have the luxury of children to care for them.



It is completely okay to think this piece a ludicrous one and to think that going to orphanages on Sunday or being a mother to elements as well as people around us is way insane. Thinking that this piece is insignificant just means that we all are working towards bringing this nation to a completely dysfunctional state because the truth remains that for a healthy Nation we need sound minds and these snippets of kindness would through rippling effects lead to a healthier Nation on the long run…the key word is ‘Mothering’ and there are various aspects in which we can be mothers…so can we all be mothers? Can we all choose to be less hypocritical and more original? And what speaks originality than breaking the jinx of clichesque behaviours and trying something different like being a mother regardless of your age or gender?


By Maureen Alasa,,,Happy Mothering Sunday!

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