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Count Your Blessings...

So let’s talk about that person who just always says hello when no one else does. That one who is willing to save you a seat at the cafeteria when others would rather sit in groups. The guy who saw you working late and thought to say a few words to you in lieu of walking right past. That lady that never fails to give you a pen when you need one. From that sibling who always almost stays in touch daily to that buddy who has gone from being your ride or live to your number 1 person in the world, to mention but a few.


What with all that the Nation has been battling ; recession, corruption, inflation and all the other ‘National ill (s) tions’, it is very easy for us to be so carried away by it all while we forget basic stuffs like ‘gratitude and appreciation’. Yes it may seem like being Nigerian is the most stressful thing in the world but then, do you know that easing this stress is as easy as just looking anywhere but the source of this stress?


Well, yeah, relieving stress is as easy as that. Borrowing the lines from Westlife’s ‘flying without wings - you find it in the strangest places, places you never thought it could be’, with ‘it’ here not being ‘love’ but ‘ease’, it is indeed true that ease, peace, relief, happiness can all be found sometimes in the strangest places…places you never looked because you never thought to find release in such places.


Like a moving car, it is easy to say that the engine of a car is the reason why this car/automobile is able to move. But then, for a novice, it is also quite easy to say the movement of a car depends on its tires. Now bringing this analogy to practicality, you can also think that all of your life achievement and assets are the reason why you have a great life and why you seem happy always. But do you also know that material possessions cannot buy you happiness? Temporary relief…yes! But genuine happiness…no!


This is the reason why some seem to be the most hit by this economic downslide; those who have allowed their medullary rays create for them a mirage of happiness wrapped around wealth and material possessions when all you need is to look at me and you would feel different…LOL… you would probably rock a smile on a sunny day and still have a bounce in your step after selling your only car this recession.


Now tell me, who are those people in your life who love you or who you love? Who are those people whose love helped you find the sun and whose laughter is all you need to go through the most hectic days? You may not know it because over time you have either underestimated the effect these people have on you or perhaps the impact of these people no matter how little may have been watered down by your myopic vision which has always been set on some other superficial source of happiness.


It takes one look around you, one moment of discovery and recovery. It takes nothing really, no extra effort, no big gestures, nothing but pure recognition, to actually appreciate these people. Disregard the plural here as it could very well be one person who has been under appreciated.



So why let ‘you’ be all about the cost of rice, the exchange rate, the lack of or unavailability of xyz? Why waste your saliva complaining about what has no quick fix, letting your blood boil and your blood pressure on the high when all you need is to turn to that colleague right after reading this piece with something as little as a smile, one that says ‘Thank you for making my time here worthwhile’. Why not pick up your phone and send a 4naira text to that one person who is always in your corner, that friend who never lets you live one sad moment of your life. You can read this piece and give a big hug to your parents or siblings as soon as you get home today, or tell that one true love of yours how much you love them.


This is all about using appreciation and gratitude towards a loved one as an antidote for today’s stress and watch you fix yourself without paying a dime *winks*


Feel free to air your views, agree or disagree by clicking on the register button below and let me know exactly what your thoughts are. To suggest a topic, you can also send your suggestions via mail to: mauraleen@yahoo.com....don't just read...let's talk!


By Maureen Alasa.


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