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Freak Of Nature

Whoever thought up this phrase was definitely not thinking along the lines I am thinking right now, but he or she knew exactly why it had to be 'of nature'. I mean it could have been 'freak of anything other than nature right'?...



So I have decided to share with you facts that bring this phrase to life. Now, did you know that :


BANANAS being the butt of many jokes due to its phallus shape is not just a myth as it actually contains 'bromelain' which increases libido and also reverses impotence in men?



ALMONDS have got a natural smell that easily arouses passion in females?



EGGS when taken prior to sex heightens libido and maximizes energy levels too?



AVOCADOS have been referred to by Aztecs as 'the testicle' and this may be as a result of its Vitamin B6 content which increases male hormone production and Potassium content which helps regulate a woman's thyroid glands thus increasing libido in both men and women.



GARLICS may not be the best thing to taste in the breath of your partner when sharing a passionate kiss but then it is one active ingredient which increases blood flow to the sexual organs...and you know what that means.



CHOCOLATES contain a chemical responsible for the feeling 'of being in love'.



DATES are considered 'a sexual food' as the sugar in it gives enough energy for long passionate sex as well as increases the semen in men according to Ayurveda.



So stop making your busy schedule the reason why you have an inactive sex life because truth is nothing gets your 'freak on' better than foods found in your own kitchen. Stop making the weekend feel more important than it already is. Bring Friday nights closer by whipping something sexy from any of the above freaks of nature, right there in the comfort of your kitchen, for a great 'work night' time... *winks*



By Maureen Alasa



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