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How Permeable Is Your Membrane

As a Secondary School student, your biology classes in Senior Secondary School would be incomplete without the infamous experiment involving a pealed piece of yam/ potato, sugar or salt solution and of course the word 'osmosis'. I mean, let's just say that an experiment like Osmosis differentiates Integrated science of Junior school from Biology of Senior school and as long as you schooled here in Nigeria, I bet you can relate.


But then, for what it is worth 'Osmosis' simply means: " a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semi permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one". Now, an English scholar would want to argue and say that Osmosis could also means: "a process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge etc". Now don't get me wrong, that definition too is absolutely not incorrect. But due to reasons you would find out soon, we would be sticking with the Biological definition.


Now back to Biology, 'why is a semi permeable membrane important in the whole Osmotic process?' Definitely some really annoying student in class then would have been the one to perhaps ask such a question while the smarty pants would have been irritated as all they cared about was the teacher's notes to read and just pass the examination, but that annoying kid in the back row was concerned about questioning what seemed like a standard.


No! this is not a 'Biology lecture note' and it is solely for that reason I wouldn't give an answer to that question the way Our various biology teachers would have. Saying the semi permeable membrane is a representation of what a lot of our organs and cells as humans are, would be stating an obvious fact.


The answer to that question would simply be because there needs to be 'room' ; for observation, for assimilation, for interpretation, for a proper thought process...however you want to define it.


What this means is that if membranes were not semi permeable, it means the movement of concentration would be too fast to be noticed and in the case of the human system, it means death rates would be as fast as minutes or seconds and as rampant as I cannot even quantify.


So let us relate this to our lives, how many times have had to deal with stuffs by diving nose deep into issues without a pause? how many times have we let issues and situations break us down? how many times have we let people's opinion get into our heads so much so that we start to question who we really are? how often have we rushed straight to angry mode first without critically exploring other options of solemnity? Now tell me, how permeable is your membrane?


This time there is no yam or potato lying in a bowl of sugar or salt solution, this time it is about you and just how much you can take.


As humans, it is quite unbelievable just how thin our threshold can be at certain times and for certain situations. It is so funny how little things could make us flip or withdraw into our shells. Permeability is highly important to us humans because with each day comes new challenges threatening to ridicule our resistance and rip our threshold to shreds and the advise would be : 'not to let these solutions which could be anything from illnesses to disagreements take over the control of our life's reins.'


Your heart, mind, job, family, relationship you name it, depending on what you may have to deal with, your membrane could be anything at anytime and it pays a whole lot to be in control. Permeability is a lot more than being a potato or a slice of yam, it is about building yourself up. It is about being your own armored tank, that cannot be penetrated by bullets.


It is so hard sometimes to look the other way. It is sometimes so difficult to not react a certain way. But then learn to be semi permeable, learn to allow things in gradually. That way it is easier to build resistance than being totally permeable and letting every Tom dick and Harry situation get to you...not all solutions are worth passing through. All situations do not need a direct access to your life. So could you ask yourself just how permeable you are?


By Maureen Alasa

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