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How To Start Your Week Right

Fridays would always be a favorite. But then, do you know that a bad monday could lead to an even worse Friday? Well yes! that is absolutely possible, Mondays have that sought of power. So now that we know Mondays are important as well as powerful, how then do we focus on having that perfect Monday when we are still basking in the euphoria of the weekend?

Here's how :

1. LEAVE THE WEEKEND BEHIND : When in Rome they say, behave like a Roman right? so the weekend has come and gone. Good bye to all the free food and drinks and hello to the Monday reality of less meals, most of which are not free. These are some of the cold hard truths you need to tell yourself.

2. CREATE YOUR OWN EXCITEMENT: It helps to have something to look forward to. It drives the excitement which is something you need to have a great start. Now find something to look forward to and if there is none, then schedule something exciting on a monday. Movies, dance classes, hang outs, anything to get you in a great mood.


3. BOP TO INTO IT : Be the one to walk into the office, humming and bopping your head to a great tune. It not only gives you the right aura and spring in your steps, it also helps light up the room and the hearts of all those present. So pick a great song, dance to it in the shower, whatever...just let this song stay buzzing in your head for the rest of the day.


4. LOOK IT TO FEEL IT : Monday outfits and colors should be picked with care. So go with styles and colors that work for you. Something that lights up your face and gives you a perfect fit...you never know what role looking good has to play here but try getting complements all day and tell me if you would not wear a smile all through.


5. PLAN AHEAD : Nothing ruins a perfect Monday like an angry Boss or Client. So please be prepared. Mondays are not for the faint hearted so ensure you are not found wanting on deliverables. Get all of your reports and assignments done and ready.

No one said anything about a 100% guarantee but hey...try these and see if you wouldn't lose your monday phobia :-)


By Maureen Alasa

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