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Indian Hospital Is Worse Than Kirikiri Prison — El-Zakzaky

There was mild drama at the Medanta Hospital, New Delhi, India, Wednesday, as leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, Sheikh Ibraheem  El-Zakzaky, and his wife, Zeenat, refused to be treated by those he described as unknown doctors deployed to treat them, saying they were different from those engaged for their treatment before they departed Nigeria.


El-Zakzaky, who spoke through an audio recording, also alleged that the condition at the Indian hospital he was taken to was worse than Kirikiri prisons. The Shi’ites leader and his wife arrived in India last Tuesday for treatment, following the ruling of Kaduna State High Court. This is even as his group, IMN, yesterday called on the Federal Government to allow the personal doctors of the El-Zakzakys to take over their medical care. In the audio recording, El-Zakzaky accused the Federal Government of frustrating his medical treatment in India.


Speaking in Hausa, he said the situation at the hospital in India was “pathetic and worrisome,” alleging that the management of Medanta Hospital, New Delhi, had been threatened not to admit him for treatment. He said: “The hospital officials received us well, they told us that they parked two ambulance vehicles to deceive the crowd while taking us out of the airport through another way, saying it was for our own safety.”


“On getting to the hospital, we were placed under tighter security worse than what we witnessed in Nigeria. We are currently more confined than when we were in Nigeria, worse than a prison setting. Contrary to what was agreed before our arrival that our own personal doctors would supervise this treatment, they’ve changed the arrangement. So, we objected receiving treatment from strange doctors without the supervision of our own trusted physicians.” However, hours later, the hospital, according to the Islamic Human Rights Commission, agreed to the request of Sheikh El-Zakzaky to use known and appointed doctors for his treatment.


Speaking further, the Shi’ites leader had said:  ‘’Right now, we are in the city of New Delhi in India. Like you all know, we came here for medical treatment due to some ailments that I and my wife, Zeenat, have been suffering from.” “There is a bullet in Zeenat’s body and there is also the need for her to get her two knee caps replaced, among other ailments. On my own part, there are also particles of bullets that were broken into pieces in my eyes, hands and thighs which have been poisonous to my body. “I think what they are supposed to do first of all is to extract these bullets of which I know the surgery cannot be done in Nigeria, hence the reason for my referral abroad. 


“Second, the poison needs to be extracted from my body, some of which they said is in my bones and they said the surgery will take some time. I also have problems with my eyes. Since the second surgery, my eyes have been weak and I was also advised to travel to India for surgery. We were happy because we know that by coming here, we’ll get a befitting hospital that will perform the surgery. The medical advice to come to this hospital, which they called Mendata, was given to us by some foreign doctors that visited us in Nigeria and that was why we requested to be brought to this hospital.”


“While in Nigeria, we got information that the United States Embassy had given instruction that we shouldn’t be accepted in this hospital.  We also heard that they obeyed the order and said they won’t accept us, so we were even thinking of going elsewhere in India but were later informed that the order had been lifted. “We then proceeded to India. On our arrival, we were received by the hospital staff from the airport and they escorted us down to the hospital.”

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