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Let’s Get Things Straight!

What it seems, is more often than not, not what really is. ‘Rights’ and ‘Privileges’ aren’t the same! The fact that you are privileged to be sitting beside a good looking guy/lady doesn’t mean you have a right to demand a number or start up a conversation even when the guy/lady in question is obviously  not up for such.




A lot of times we go through life, blurring obvious lines and trying to make of a clear situation, a skewed interpretation. So yes, today is the day we get things straight! It is the day we take a critical look at lines that have been blurred by us or others and start to unblur them.




1.       The fact that you share something in common, say a work space, a place of worship or a beauty parlour doesn’t make you friends. So many times people forget the privileges of gatherings and they start to encroach on deeper territories simply because of shared space.



2.       Yes! The other day you asked someone what they thought about your lipstick, but that doesn’t give them the right to tell you what they think about your relationship, your family, your eating habits…the word is chill! Please! You guys are not that cool and even though it seems that way, their thoughts on such matters aren’t needed.



3.       So you are privileged to rule. Keep the pay checks, you have earned it. You can also make your subordinate(s) work twice as hard as you do…and believe me, it is fine. But what isn’t is when you start to want to dictate how they should live their life or how they should react to certain situations…Nope! You are their ‘Boss’ but not the Boss of them! It is called Privileges and Rights…huge difference!



4.      You should respect age and respect those who have come before. But then, the fact that someone has been privileged to know certain things about you doesn’t make them your sculptor! They cannot recreate/mould  a version of you that suits them! It is either You in yourself are enough for them or you are not…but you do not need to be tweaked to fit in. So an advise, they should quit trying…they have no right to!



5.       He/she was nice enough to pay your bus fare, nice enough to give up his/her position in a bank queue, he/she took the fall for you when the Boss was definitely coming for you but hey, that is not enough reason to demand more than you can give. So if you decide friendship is all you can grant, then he/she has no right to demand an upgrade…until you want to.



These are to mention a few stereotypical situations when people have blurred the lines, mistaking privileges for rights. Nothing means anything except the meaning you attach to it. So yes, in this case ‘you’ are the only one who has a right to attach your meaning and act on it! No one else does and so say ‘No’ today to blurred lines! Say No to the nonsensical bait of loyalty, which has been blurred to mean unwarranted submission.





It is Idolatry to make someone a god! It is weakness to submit unnecessarily to nonsense! It is foolhardy to let yourself be walked all over by anyone simply because they think they have a right to. Truth is ‘’No one has a right in, on or about your life’’ except of course you give them the right to…and you can very easily take back rights when they are being misused…Yep! The court of life says so!




Now come on, let’s get these things straight!





By Maureen Alasa




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