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Life could be twisted …Learn to untie the knots

You meet a friend you haven’t seen in a very long time and he /she seems to have changed a lot…the next thing you want to do is ask how far? I thought you were supposed to be at so and so place? How about that thing you were going to do the last time we spoke?



Well, sometimes you get lucky and you meet such a friend at the right time and place and he / she starts to spill and let you in on all the past couple of years you weren’t in the picture. But then sometimes we get hit by the closed door answer ‘’Life happened.’’



Life does happen and when it does, a lot changes. What seemed like a dream could turn out to be the reality you eventually live in and for others, it could be the other way round. However it turns out, life happens and there is a noticeable change for the better or worse.



If you can look around you, you would see just how twisted life could be. How someone not half as smart as you can be a millionaire because his father thought to be smart on his behalf while you work your ass off with not much to show for it or You could be the one getting all the connections, running a multi-million dollar business while that class mate of yours who was the nerd that bagged a First Class is busy working at a job that is way beneath his degree.



Life is indeed twisted when you find yourself in a situation that you honestly shouldn’t be in…especially when you are one who had a plan, one who had a bucket list of a perfect adult life, one that includes a great job, an amazing love life and great friends and it is what? Years down the line and you haven’t even ticked one thing off that bucket list you made at the age of 10.



Oh well, this is for all those who find themselves in a badly twisted fate of life, and I say to you…learn to untie a knot! You just have to look at how much of a twisted mess you are in and work your way backwards. Like untying a knot, sometimes it is just one misstep in the past that has caused the twist. I know some would say forget about the past and look ahead, but sometimes, you need to trace your steps backwards, untie the knot before you can move forward.



So yeah, the weekend is almost here, you might want to take out time to sober reflect on your life and find out just how to untie whatever knot there is.


By Maureen Alasa

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