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Look into my eyes, what can you see?

Often times you hear someone who’s been hurt by another, daring him/ her to look them in the eye. Sometimes we hear people command others to look them in the eye when they are confronting them. For the hopeless romantics, it is about the eyes, that moment your eyes lock right before the supposed ‘earth shattering’ kiss. So what is all this fuss about the eyes really?


Why so much emphasis on the eyes? I have heard people base sincerity in a relationship on something as insignificant as ‘eye contact’ and then you start to ask yourself ‘what is in the eyes?’ Two somewhat identical balls who used to be the guys that make us see. Well, that was before the eyes became a ‘thing’…lol.


But then, I kid you not when I say that the eyes are indeed the most expressive organ in the human body. I mean do you know that the eyes bear tales only it knows? Okay try this, get someone to participate in a staring contest with you. No words, no body movement just literally stare at each other and you would be amazed at what you would each see in your eyes.


The troubles of this life can be buried in one’s heart even after life bares its fangs and threatens to completely destroy you, you can still bottle it all up inside without letting the world know how you feel or what you have to deal with. According to late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, you can actually be suffering and smiling with the extent of your suffering and pain still unknown to all and all it would take to blow this your faux cover of perfection is your ‘eyes’.


The eyes are so mysterious that even you have no control over it. That is why people avoid eye contacts, wear shades, make their eyes appear hooded in the name of Smokey eyes, just to make these mystery balls inaccessible to all. The eyes are indeed a mirror to a person’s soul and so I dare you today to say this to that one person you trust, that one person you would let down your walls for, that one person that really matters ; ‘Look into my eyes, what can you see?’


Unlike the tongue that has the power to say what it wants to say, the ears that hears but listens to only what it wants to listen to, the nose that pretty much receives and has nothing to give, the eyes cannot show you what you want to see, instead it shows you what there is. Let’s just say words like sincerity, originality, depth, pain, sorrow, strength, weakness, love, and passion are the kind of words that lie buried in the eyes.


Kudos to psychologists that have taken out time to study various eye shapes and just how much they say about our personalities. It is actually amazing to know that some people attribute personalities to eye shapes and all. But if you ask me, look into my eyes and whatever you find there is the undiluted version of who I really am. So do you doubt his love for you? Do you think your Boss hates you? Do you still not know which of your friends betrayed you that one time? Do you have something to say to someone and you do not know just how they would react? Well look into their eyes!


Musicians have over time sang about the powerful nature of the eyes. The infamous painting of Monalisa is the greatest painting yet because of the fact that Leonardo da Vinci was able to capture in that work, what came close to what a real eye represents…thus the feeling of being stared at when you look at the said painting. One of life’s driving force is the word ‘perception’ because as human beings our individuality lies in our various perception and perception is all about looking and seeing differently. It is not about your thoughts.


So now, in lieu of crying all night, going about in search for a solution to a problem that is just a stare away, I would say this, get this person to look you in the eye…and you would see right there before you, the solution ;-)


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