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Loving On The Low

From time immemorial, most people have been known to view Valentine’s Day from a somewhat skewed point of view and this has birthed a lot of unspoken beliefs which have been held strong and practices which have passively been imbibed by many today. But then, I have always been a strong believer of the phrase ‘Not all that is should really be’ and so with that in mind, I have a few not so great ideas that could go a long way in giving you that great Valentine you hope for.


Usually Valentine chronicles begin and end with ‘what he gets for you, where he takes you to, what he does on that day and how well he does it’ and so on. Now who says you can’t take over as a lady? Nobody ever hears what she does, nobody even knows how hard she tries and maybe this is because she never really tries. So let’s flip the script this year. If the change in our political system is the reason for our economic meltdown as a Nation, wouldn’t it be nice to do things differently? Wouldn’t it be great to not have a recessive Val’s day celebration in lieu of the talks of recession making the rounds?


So ladies, get in here and let us take over this Valentine by force. Now don’t go giving me ‘the eye roll’ and the ‘duh’ hands because that is actually getting old thus this wake up piece. I know I would have some people begging to differ and coming for me already, even as they lash out with reasons why they think it is okay to just be eternal recipients. But as always these ones aren’t the reason for this season as they have forgotten too soon the fact that ‘with recession comes wisdom’ as guys aren’t smiling at the moment.


But then, for ladies who want to keep love alive and put recession to shame, why not go the extra mile to add some spice to your celebration this year? At least give him good value for all his efforts past and present? Well if you are thinking what I am thinking then join me on this short ride, bearing in mind that all it takes is a little extra effort…for success all steps are intentional, so here we go ;


-          Write him a letter, telling him just how good, ugly and bad the ride with him has been and the fact that you still stayed with him because of something only you can see in him. You can place this letter on his side of the bed, on his dashboard, in the part of his briefcase you know he keeps his everyday files, in his Jacket’s inner pocket or just roll it up and place it at the door.


-          Go online, find out how to make simple coupons and let each day be about the little things that would certainly excite him.  From foot rubs, home serviced spa treatments, movie night together, to drinks after work or a game of truth or dare, anything that would sure get him excited.


-          Sex it up by sending sexts all day, building his anticipation for a night time together. Get him dashing for the door the moment the clock ticks COB.


-          Red really wouldn’t cut it. At this I can hear some ladies say ‘oh No!.’ But Hey, chill…your man most certainly doesn’t work in an ‘all guys organisation’ and whether I like it or not, all of his colleagues wouldn’t read this piece and so yeah, there would be a lot of reds in his face…God bless 2017 Tuesday Valentine and so he would most likely be sick from spending all day in an all red environment. Now guess what, you cannot be sure to be the sexiest thing he would see in red…so why give his sub conscious reasons to compare when you can give his brain something more refreshing? Throw in a different colour, a black, blue or white outfit…break from the norm and if you are a sucker for red well then, throw in a little wine undertone to your hair…something subtle yet different.

-          Making him heart shaped pancakes, or heart shaped sandwiches or moin moin anything he can pack to work. Now don’t ask me how…just google how to okay…but trust me, it is the effort that counts most times.


-          I would be a hypocrite if I ignore the Valentine sex part so yeah, learn on you tube how to make homemade body waxes and wax all of that errant hair, throw on some sexy lingerie, cut up an old shirt and make it into a boho chick style cropped top, get your very old jeans and with the aid of a pair of scissors make it into the sexiest shorts ever, Apply some coconut oil mixed with a little honey all over your body and yes…it is a Tuesday so if you can’t get off work early enough to go wait for Oga please leave early yes just say cramps *winks* so you can hurry home in time to be his waiting package.


-          You can make a scrapbook of memorable moments and send it over to his office just before lunch time and get him squealing like a school girl in reminiscence.


But emmm…for my sisters who have little money and no time, you can also get gifts like:
-          Customized pen holder

-          Customized boxer shorts

-          Salon kit

-          Grooming kit

-          Wallet

-          Bracelet


Like I said, this is nothing about what he would get you this time but more about how to keep him interested enough to always want to get you something…Did I hear you say rece…rece what? When you can do so much without an actual budget…*winks*…call it coy…I call it love…*smiles*

BY Maureen Alasa

NB – Valentine Special…Join the conversation by telling me how you plan to make this Valentine special. Send your entries by registering or commenting here.
You can also participate by tweeting at me  @mzmaure
Or email me at   mauraleen@yahoo.com
or on facebook at  www.facebook.com/Maureen Alasa



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