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Gboyega Oyedele aka Eddie Gee is one of Nigeria’s most rounded music/broadcast industry personalities. Graduating as it were, from deejaying as a hobby in clubs, and on campus radio, while at University in the UK (Loughborough).Worked for some years as a banker (former FSB Intl. Bank, Lagos);...

Benjamin Okoh was born in Kaduna where his parents where based. Soon after, as a baby relocated with his parents to Lagos post-civil war early 70's. He had his primary, secondary and university education in Lagos. That innate desire for music in him was quickly discovered by his parents 'cos at...

Buki was born in the early seventies in A.B.U Zaira, in the Northern part of Nigeria at a time when black music had reached an astronomical high.With the mixed heritage of a Yoruba father and an Ishekiri mother, and having lived in the north most of her life, she has the rare advantage of the...

Olubukola was born some decades ago in the city of Lagos. Her ancestry is a blend of Yoruba, Itsekiri and Fulani.

An accounting major her quest for self rediscovery landed her a job as a broadcaster at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria where she doubled as an OAP and news reader....

Chico Chukwuma Aligwekwe was born in London, United Kingdom. He attended Eldon Junior School and was frequently called to the Head teachers office or reported to his parents for singing or humming during classes or other school exercises, as his love of music manifested itself at that early age....

Elvina Baby Ibru was born on the 22nd of May 1972 in Lagos, Nigeria. Her love for the arts started as far back as she can remember, due to the fact that her late mother Mrs. Elsie Nelly Michael Ibru was an avid fan of the arts as a whole and introduced her child to the magical world of musical...

AKA Fybloom...
Bruce Willis: Poetry diehard.
Born in Calabar, Bsc human anatomy from uniport.
Fell out with family over refusal to pursue a career in medicine for the love of MCing.
Hype man at nightclubs as part time job during university and NYSC days.
Trained as a...

Onyekachi ‘Kachi’ Nnochiri was born in the early 80’s in Lagos, Nigeria. A Theatre Arts graduate of The University of Lagos, an avid lover of the Arts, movie buff and video game connoisseur, ‘Kachi’ as he is fondly called reads the news on Classic Fm 97.3 at 6am, 9.15am, 11.15am and 1.15pm every...

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Lawrence is a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). As a growing child, Lawrence had always loved music of all genres and the "art" of radio broadcasting. He found it intriguing how words are used to attract, please and sustain a...

Sola Mogaji Aka Schullzz was born in Drypool, Yorkshire England. She returned to Nigeria in 1970 to continue her education and in 1989 she relocated to London . A seasoned System Analyst with experience spanning over 10 years in Customer Service/Information Technology. She worked with companies...

Uyoh Uyoh is the “smooth baritone” voice behind Classic FM 97.3 daytime and evening news.He’s an ardent lover of radio broadcasting and is an enthusiast of good music, with particular interest in Hip-Hop and Soul music. His passion and hobby not only lies in his natural flair for radio but also...

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