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Six Ways Road Rage Can Be a Spoiler

It is a new week and we all know what the roads are often like especially on a Monday morning. Now if there is one thing that accompanies this usual Monday madness, it is the fact that tempers rise as well as the number of cars on the road.

Now do you know that what begins with a few angry words could result in an automatic day or week spoiler? oh yes! So here are 6 ways road rage can be a spoiler :

1.        It ruins your mood. Try hitching a ride with someone suffering from a bad case of road rage and you would testify that the stench from his mood would be Foul with a capital F.

2.        For one who cannot control his road rage, you better be an entrepreneur because with road rage things can go from a few angry words to minutes of aggressive verbal exchange...and if you ask me, road rage is the ultimate time waster.

3.        With road rage, things could get out of hand. It could lead to collisions and accidents.

4.        Thanks to all the many uniformed officials on the road these days, you can find yourself behind bars. With road rage, one could in a flash change from being a free man to being one behind bars, a victim of unwarranted arrest.

5.        The sight of a lady in her four inch heels, nice plaits and good command of English or a fine looking young man, sweating profusely in his Pierre Cardin shirt and well cleaned chelsea boots exchanging words with a fellow road user, is never a good sight...I hope you never be that person put in a bad light by road rage.

6.        Now all these are huge spoilers but nothing trumps the unbudgeted money you might be forced to part with...which could either be spent on the repair of your bashed vehicle, someone else' or you could just be spending a few thousands on bail fees.

Now you do not need me to tell you how much road rage isn't worth the stress considering the price you have to pay. So before that rage rages through you...you might want to think twice!

By Maureen Alasa

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