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Stuck In Reverse

Can you try walking backwards? Okay walking might be a little too much. So can you try taking a few steps backwards? Or could you try driving your car in reverse? What do you think would happen? Apart from the fact that you could spend the day paying off LASTMA officials, it could get as bad as wrecking your car, ruining people’s wares, it could cost you your life or even the life of anyone caught along your path. From bumping into someone to walking into a ditch which could lead to injuries or death, there is actually no way this scenario ends good. It is indeed a lose – lose situation and so you would agree that walking or driving in reverse is all kinds of dangerous. Why then do we sometimes find ourselves stuck in reverse?



Why do we put ourselves in a position where all we do is lose…lose…lose all the way? In the name of hurting, fear of the unknown and a host of other loser excuses, some of us have failed to move on from our mistakes, we stay stuck in the reverse, letting the wheels of guilt and pain take us on a constant trip of auto reverse.



You made a huge mistake, due to what you did or did not do, what you said or didn’t say, where you went or didn’t go…Okay, I get it and so have you, for the past couple of months or years or weeks or days so what now? Why let the hands of this mistake bury you 6 feet deep in regrets when you can move on? Mistakes are exactly what they are…’Missed takes’. Takes here could be your relationship, career, marriage, family, spirituality, anything. But you already for some reason missed something so what then? Should that be the end of you?



Don’t get it twisted I can totally relate with the fact that some situations can be salvaged while others are completely lost, beyond redemption. I know that sometimes it so hard to look away when it seems like this particular mistake would keep staring you in the face for days, weeks, years or even a lifetime. But is any mistake actually worth your life? As that is exactly what happens eventually when you are stuck in reverse…you lose your life!



If your mistake reduces you to a life of depression and constant tears, you have given this mistake of yours the power to completely ruin you. You have given it the power to reduce the quality of your God given life and living a life without quality is as good as dying. So what then is the way out? First you have to be your own clarion call, your own still small voice of reason. You need to realize that you haven’t actually moved for a while. You have to realize that you have been stuck in reverse for some time now and you have to hate it!



Hatred towards your present situation is one way to move forward. If you realize you have been stuck in reverse and you that you have wasted valuable time in this position of backwardness, then you can begin to fix or move on. Depending on what your mistake is, you could actually find ways to fix the ones that can be fixed or move on with lessons learnt.



At some point in our lives, we have all made mistakes and so here are a few helpful words that can help you move on :
-          Tell yourself it is okay…that you will be okay (let it be your mantra)


-           Remember that life goes on (so live it)


-          There is a good side to you (discover it)


-          Know that it is just a phase, all things come to an end no matter how bad (hold onto this)


-          Try not to dwell on it (play video games, read a book, whatever helps you forget your mistake(s) )


-          Take each day at a time ( no need to be in a haste, healing takes time)


-          Have a heart of gratitude (if it means writing down one reason to be happy each day)


-          You are most certainly not your mistake (so quit seeing it in your reflection every time you stare into the mirror)


-          There is always a lesson to be learnt (find it, learn it and let it guide your steps in future)


-          After all has been said, life goes on ( so why sacrifice yours on the altar of this mistake?)


Like Aaliyah said, ‘dust yourself up and try again’. Life is so much fun so take another stab at it, give yourself a second chance to make things right…Don’t be stuck in reverse!



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