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Ways To Put Your Sex Drive In Top Gear

This is not for everyone and so if you don't really care about the speed of your sex drive, then feel free to move on to other things. But for those who would do anything to have their sex drive in top gear, those who never settle for less in the bedroom and really want their partners to have mind blowing, leg curling episodes, then this is for you. Did you know that there are a few lifestyle habits that actually affect your sex drive, taking it from top gear to slow drive? Oh well, here are a few tips on this anti sex drive habits some of us indulge in ;


SMOKING : Researchers have said that men who smoke are more likely to develop Erectile dysfunction (ED). The toxins in cigarette smoke can also damage sperm. The nicotine in tobacco is a potent vaso constrictor. It narrows the blood vessels which can lead to damage of the arteries, veins and also the blood vessels of the Penis.


EXCESS DRINKING : Just before you let yourself bask in the temporary bliss that favorite bottle of wine gives, be informed that not only can consuming too much of it lead to a case of erectile dysfunction (ED), it also decreases natural lubrication and dulls your senses, making it harder to achieve erections and orgasms.


STRESS : who worrying epp? (borrowing a line from Olamide's 'who you epp' song). It definitely doesn't help you who anticipates mind blowing sex because 'stress' is an ultimate killjoy as it increases the steroid hormone 'cortisol' which automatically leads to decreased sex hormones.


LACK OF EXERCISE : Never underestimate the importance of exercising every now and then. It could just be walking or a few minutes on the treadmill which definitely goes a long way in increasing libido and sex hormones.


REDUCED HOURS OF SLEEP : You may want to argue about the effect your staying up late has on your sex drive. But then every adult needs a solid 7hours of sleep and anything less could lead to various problems ranging from Erectile dysfunction in males to female response problems.


UNHEALTHY DIET : Maintaining a healthy eating habit can go a long way in improving your sex drive. You would be amazed at the effects of various fruits and vegetables on libido increase. No one is saying go full on vegan tomorrow, all this is about is inculcating a couple fruits and vegetables in your diet.


The importance of a healthy sex drive between partners cannot be over emphasized. There are a whole lot more lifestyle adaptations that can ruin your time between the sheets. From drinking less water which could cause vaginal dryness in females, to having an addiction to your smart phone which on the long run isn't a smart thing to do when you have weird sounds going off at the wrong time.


So my advice, take one look at yourself and find out just what you have to do right. Remember no one can fix you better than your doctor so for severe cases of decreased sex drive, please get a medical consult.


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