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What Makes You Tick?

Ask a child what makes a clock tick and you might end up with ruptured lungs from too much laughter. From clueless answers like ‘Mummy’, to ‘the wall’ to somewhat smart answers like ‘Batteries’ and then the eye brow raising responses like ‘God’ and ‘ Nothing’…lol!



So now the question today is not about the clock but you. Yes you!...what makes you tick? What is that one thing that makes you be the best version of yourself? That thing that drives you, motivates you to do more, be more, strive for more?



It is a fact that if all humans were clocks, we would all tick for different reasons and that is indeed why the world is a beautiful place as what makes me tick might just be what kills your morale. Making it imperative to say that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Different strokes would definitely be applicable here. Now tell me, what makes you tick?



As trivial as this may sound, this could make or mar a huge parts of our lives as individuals. Socrates a philosopher of old once said in one of his infamous quotes: ‘man know thyself’. It is indeed very important to know yourself. Take this as a call for self-identity, how else can you identify your needs if you don’t know yourself? Taking the case of a partner who never seems to be able to appease the other, often times is goes beyond doing all you can and trying the extraordinary. It sometimes depends on the fact that the person in question may have failed to identify what makes him/her tick.



With that, it would be true if you then conclude by saying that not only is it important to know what makes you tick for your own good, but for the good of all around you. Do you realize that living is all about various human relations? To be human, there must be interaction; be it passive or active. So now can you imagine the huge mess you would make if you do not know yourself or what makes you tick? Or the amount of change that could arise from this simple exercise of taking a few thoughtful moments to identify what indeed makes you tick?



So as a lady or guy, it all means nothing if you don’t know what makes you tick. Life is too much of a hassle to go about it clueless.  It might be as boring as books or as selfless as helping others. It doesn’t really matter if ice cream makes you come up with ground breaking ideas, all that matters is knowing just how great it makes you feel. Now, before you start to rack your brain in a quest to tie it all to one thing, feel free to appoint various aspects of your life with various things that make you tick in those aspects.



Life may be a race but you could as well be running a futile race if you don’t know who you are or what your essence is. Sometimes when you have someone in your life who seems to be very difficult, you may need to cut yourself some slack from trying all including the impossible. In such a situation a simple question is all you need to scribble on the person’s mental board ‘what makes you tick’. Life is not always as hard as we make it out to be if only we know what makes life tick…and speaking of what makes life tick I know one thing does…’beliefs’.



Now what is your ticker? What makes you tick? What spurs you on? Feel free to be like me, with a freaking long list…lol but if there is one thing that is a huge part of my list it is you…yep! So while you commence your week, could you please get a pen, scribble out some (definitely not all) of the things that make you tick and then send it as a text, a hand written note, mail, voicenote, anything to the one person that means a lot to you.


Take it or leave it you just might need to know as much as they do so make sure to duplicate this list as you would need one too…;-)



Feel free to air your views, agree or disagree by clicking on the register button below and let me know exactly what your thoughts are. To suggest a topic, you can also send your suggestions via mail to: mauraleen@yahoo.com....don't just read...let's talk!

By Maureen Alasa.


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