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When it comes to you…

Don’t you just love a good sleep on a wet July day? The way the nights get chilly and all you think of is cuddling as much as you can. Well, that is one beautiful thing about July, it brings out all of the cuddliness in you. But then, before you start to relive these feelings, also remember what July stands for.


Apparently the month of July is indeed one that marks the beginning of the second half of the year. Now with such significance attached to this month, it is imperative to want to go on a soul searching journey and all that, trying to figure out what is and what is not and it is totally fine to do so.


But what isn’t,  is letting all of the great possibilities embedded in this month go to waste because you are too busy day dreaming and cuddling to act on it. Now the big question is; are there really such things as ‘possibilities embedded in July?’


Well, there really is no need to overthink this and the reason is pretty simple…because these possibilities are pretty glaring. I mean, it is always wet and chilly with the smell of rains and wet grasses permeating your senses…now tell me, with these who wouldn’t always be in a chilled mode?


So why not bank on this mode by taking certain life changing decisions? Why not let this be the time you decide to take a leap of faith in whatever you do? Don’t get me wrong, this is one month that enables the go getters get more creative with their ideas and plots as they get to have the perfect weather for such and one month that also gives room for the hard workers to take a break, enjoy the weather and just let it be the gear they need to slow down and just pamper themselves however they can.


When I mentioned ‘possibilities’, it seemed like gibberish until you have been made to see for yourself that hidden truth. The truth that states that ‘your July, your second half of the year, can be whatever you make it out to be.’ For you it may be the clarion call you need to drive your dreams to its destination of reality, for me it could be a vacation to some place where I can just forget all of the hustling that comes with living every day and just exhaling.


It’s July people…another epoch of the year begins with this month and you can choose to either make it be like every other month by paying no extra significance to it or you can add some zing to your life this month, make it a bit more than its 4 letters. Be it a month self-improvement or a month to take that much deserved vacation, whatever July means to you…it is totally fine!


Begin this month with a plan, one that you would follow through with because it comes to us differently. Thus when it comes to you…Only you can decide what you want to do with it. The key word here is ‘do’…something…anything…when it comes to you…do it!

By Maureen Alasa

NB –Share your thoughts, join the conversation: by tweeting at me @mzmaure or on facebook at  www.facebook.com/Maureen Alasa



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