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You Are Never Enough…So Quit Trying

One lie we tell ourselves is the fact that when it comes to people we love and care for, they definitely love us the way we love them. Well, that should and could be the case for some. So, if the people you care about and love, all treat you just as great as you treat them, than all I can say is ‘you have an amazingly unique life,’ because usually what we have is a situation where you love, care and respect people whose attitude towards you in no way measures up to how you are towards them.



For those in this somewhat imbalanced situation of unrequited love, care and respect, you find that half the time you are trying too hard to compensate or over compensate for God knows what, trying to seek love and acceptance in a place that has none for you. You find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth, you are often in a constant race to beat their own insecurities which of course they make you feel is a reflection of you rather than them. In this kind of situation, it is completely ridiculous but true that you, just as you are, can never be enough for them.



It is a sad fact but yeah, you can never be enough for them. There is always something about you that needs to be fixed, needs to be tweaked, for some twisted reason they always find reasons why they cannot just open up their heart and life to you.



But then guess what? Sometime ago, I found that there is great power in ‘’worst case scenario play’’ and trust me when I say there is such a thing and so it is pretty simple, the worst case scenario here would be these people leaving you right? But hey, would you call this being with? All this crap you are getting? Well wake up and smell the coffee because it is not…!



So, seek the help of ‘’worst case scenario play’’ by playing the worst case scenario in your head and if you are true to yourself, you would see you are already living that ‘’worst case scenario’’ which simply means that the fear of being left or dumped or discarded is irrelevant because you have been left/dumped/discarded already!!!



The word is ‘Quit!’ Henceforth, quit trying…to fit in, to appease, to atone, just quit! Take a deep breath, a huge step backwards, stick your chest out, lift your chin up and then take that really confidence stride on to other things…because you would never be enough.



Whatever skewed belief you have that these people or this person would someday value you for everything you are worth or even love, care and respect you the way you do them may just be one belief that remains eternally untrue so quit trying and just move on! Nobody needs such negativity, especially when a lot of ground breaking is going on in the world today!



By Maureen Alasa



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