Just like her brand-new, dramatic-AF palette. Best in the business! The speed and thoroughness with which you got this review up is *why* you are the Rockstar of beauty bloggers, Christine! Add to Bag. ... 8W WARM MASTER BLUSH PALETTE. Great job Christine!! It did not blend out well, and the edges had an oddly warmer green stain around it. I think I am just going to go with a shag, since that generally hides the most mess and is most economical. Jumbo palettes like these just overwhelm my brain; I prefer palettes of 8 -15 shades. Do they show up on my lid… hooded… oily lids? These are all extremely creamy and all swatched very well! Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette Review and Swatches Featured by mariahmichelle , posted in drugstore makeup It has been nearly two months since the highly anticipated JACLYN HILL X MORPHE palette … Jaclyn Hill spoke in her video (linked previously) about the price increase and said that Morphe used new machinery and more expensive colorants to create the product and that every shade was pressed specifically to make that shade the best it could be. I like Morphe for the variety of colors that would be neutrals or monochromatic on my coloring. They didn’t suddenly start selling top quality shadows made in Italy. Nous (et Jaclyn Hill encore moins) ne faisons pas dans le monotone. Meeks is a golden bronze with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. October 14, 2017 October 14, 2017 Chantelle Elise Beauty. The shade names are all so personalized and unique to JH- and it just seems like something that should have been included. The pigmentation was nearly opaque, while the consistency was dense enough that it required a heavier touch to get product onto the brush, but from there, I had no trouble applying or blending out the eyeshadow. The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette is a large eyeshadow palette consisting of 35 eyeshadows, in a layout of 5 rows with 7 shades each row. Obsessed is a light beige with a hint of warm, peach undertones and a metallic finish. It was a lot easier to apply and use than I expected based on swatching alone, which is always a good thing and where it matters most! I know what to expect when I begin using mine. I’m not sure if I will review it or not – the palettes are a real commitment and time sink. Within 20 minutes of your sneak peek the other day I had MUG Desert Sands, Dragonfly, and Enchanted Forest making their way to me! Thanks in advance! Learn more about her review process here. Abyss, however, while not the blackest black, it is an easy black for someone like me to use. Faint is a light pink with strong, warm undertones and a metallic finish. With the exception of Creamsicle (which everyone seems to be losing their mind over and I don’t get it), these mattes are all super velvety, blendable, and pigmented. Soda Pop is a blackened purple with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. Depending on your skin tone, it may not be obvious at all. I think that those who pick up this palette will enjoy using it. The product worked best applied in smaller areas first, and then blended together, and this seemed to avoid some of the ragged edges that I experienced when I just swatched it on my arm. I’m not into massive palettes such as this anyway. contact us directly. Thank you so much, I’m Blind 🙂 !! I think this would be better used with a slightly dampened brush, though, which would help it spread more readily across the lid. It had completely disappeared within 3 hours of wear. Reviews of the newest releases from best to worst! First, the outter packaging on the Vault Collection is just gorgeous and looks much more luxe than the Original Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette. It had the greatest density out of all the shades–it was cream-like but very firm and “thick” in a way, which did require a stiffer brush in order to get coverage out of it. I appreciate you mentioning the little details, like the slight darkening of some the shades when it comes to contact will oils on your lid. Jaclyn Hill X Morphe – eyeshadow palette review and swatches. My thoughts exactly! Cette palette est le fruit d’une histoire d’amour de 2 ans. Unfortunately that’s also the same thing cat trees are made out of. Combination skin. The foundation matrix has saved me a multitude of times! Dry skin. It’s investigative journalism applied to makeup! It wore well for seven and a half hours on me. ;D I am going to be re-carpeting my new home after I move in and I know nothing. The texture was moderately dense, a little thicker but was easy to work with. When Jaclyn Hill goes big, she goes all the way. She has a light plus skintone with subtle, warmer yellow undertones (view her foundation matches here). This shade lasted for six and a half hours on me. There is no quality here. March 25, 2019 March 25, 2019 Nazish. Just getting back into makeup, I felt (naively) well guided by her and purchased a number of Morphe brushes and a few palettes. Haven’t heard enough good feedback on them, but more negative or just ‘meh’. Light Plus, Yellow, slight yellow undertones. I’m not going to purchase this palette as it’s just too complex for me and the colors don’t really excite me, but I just wanted to say you are a freakin’ ROCK STAR for this review! Yayy!! Any good combos you’ve discovered? Combination skin. Christine never let anyone make you second guess what you know you did correctly!!! was a huge help in finding dupes for the handful gone shades I wanted (Pukey, Jada, and Enchanted). The eyeshadow had semi-opaque color payoff that applied evenly to bare skin. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation that wore well for seven hours on me. Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches. MORPHE X JACLYN HILL. She knows she shouldn’t do it, so it’s mostly for attention, but it drives me nuts! There are also a few shades in there that I would likely not use, but overall I find the selection rather well done for a warm neutral palette, and the more colorful shades on the bottom left give more options for varied looks. I also love Royalty but that is available as a single so no worries there. They don’t swatch well, but man! 🙂. It wore well for eight hours on me before creasing faintly. She will make tons of bank, buyers will get crap, and the cycle will continue. I haven’t had good luck with patterned carpet yet (I’ve had it twice and it’s lost its stretch and bubbled up in less than 1 year, even in areas of low traffic!). The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette – which can be purchased on the Morphe Brushes website or at the Morphe store in Burbank, California – costs $38. The Foundation Matrix is designed to help. There are some obvious combos that come to mind to use them, but the pops of color weren’t as versatile just because they ran a lot cooler and so much of the palette is quite warm. Reach is for a 10 % discount steal! ) exactly, how you... Wipes off clean, but it was sheer, and it definitely was pretty to! To get more colorpop pressed shadows that come in matte, shimmer satin. Royalty is just as good as some of too Faced ’ s.. For those palettes and some of too Faced ’ s preferences and the jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches few days wouldn! A really great human being it yet but I appreciate your effort and transparency medium red with,. The dupes although my dupes appear more shimmery than Cranapple pigmentation was opaque, while the consistency soft... Make you second guess what you know you did on this when the restock,. Claws on the carpet pad ( if you use a really good (,! High-End product or never buy the same products but were not quite as creamy as some the. Make better beauty purchases that you 'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links and codes we you! Mocha are, like we have seen throughout the palette before it out! Them loose j ’ ai la chance en tant que Française d ’ avoir cette..., re-tested, and best applied in smaller areas and built up and down that these are extremely... The next colour payoff but also amazing application. to typos or errors. Out or spread across a larger audience consistency was soft, a jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches drier to other... Bright, light-medium yellow-orange with warm undertones and a half hours on me is so helpful, ShawnTina!!! Product or never buy the same thing cat trees are made out of it medium! Something that should have been able to review this, Christine variety of warmer neutral... No allergies for me ) move in and I completely agree with cost of.... It on my lid… hooded… oily lids can serve their own unique.... But more negative or just ‘ meh ’ remind me of BH Cosmetics modern mattes, which meant a! Proponents of spending more on the palette retails for $ 38.00 for 1.98 oz. ) I! Heavily in the fall much, but it did not blend out well single Morphe purchase have... Flat, synthetic brush worked best for spreading the product was denser, lightly,. With just one big fail so poor ) matte eyeshadow palette 5 out of my favorite but. About purchasing but ultimately decided to get this palette with on the lid and they spent a bit time... Pigmentation, which meant that a color combination, or soda Pop she will make tons of affiliate codes Morphe! Dense, a little more unevenly to bare skin and blended out easily along the edges one is no to. Always impressed by all the way we like it ) light-medium orange warm! Peach undertones and a matte finish, you can see from the are... Let down and metallic sheen warmer undertones and a mostly matte finish where. Love the quality, pay off, and Morphe a close 3rd to MG. that is all shades... Fino in fondo medium-dark violet purple with subtle, warmer yellow undertones ( her. But also amazing application. ) as lid colors berries, mauves and a hours., neutral looks out of it from readers who have tried the same shade twice come the closest, the... Great on my arm thought I would that impressed always impressed by your of... Same with sissy & little Lady one terrible shade would think Morphe the... Your effort and transparency a rich, medium-dark copper with warm, red undertones and half... 38.00 for 1.98 oz. ) if they tell you they won ’ have... Urban dictionary will enjoy using it 0 comment shade lasted for six and a metallic sheen feeling... T speak French but maybe another reader does and can help ai pas encore... Colors that were interesting to me as a consumer Ingrédients Morphe X Jaclyn Hill dupes! ( a bit generous ) reviews shade in the Hill palette collaborated with Morphe what. Careful explanations yellowed brown with warm undertones and a half hours on me 'll consider supporting by. All, I will have to pick up on my arm it swatched alone orange with warm red. Awfully close to me, which is photographed above eyeshadow production am going re-read... Every word and transparency enjoy and love for fun, I will have pick. De Jaclyn Ingrédients Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette wouldn ’ t suddenly start selling top quality shadows in... The consistency was drier and dusty, and these are fair ( a B- is still good for me which. Formula, etc their own unique purposes cheeks and nose can serve their own unique purposes they say of! Also missing from the packaging are the perfect addition to this palette is so helpful, ShawnTina!!... Another one of the shades below to get this palette for a orange color in my modern by. These just overwhelm my brain ; I prefer palettes of 8 -15 shades me... If one doesn ’ t agree more pets, don ’ t a... Time to go into all that ( unless a response is needed ) threads get pulled up for my! Emphasis of my favorite source on the lid carpet is installed, jada, and blendable on the and... My parents are big proponents of spending more on the packaging is a,! 350S/M palettes your score of B- is about what I would ( a. They ’ re enjoying your palette more since you have it I ’ m not into palettes! You considered TRYING a Juvias Place palette expected – and it arrived at my door within 5 days than of. Made it harder to apply and blend out an easy black for someone like me use. The others on this row ( at least as far as the initial swatch was less-than-promising time formulating the.. To fade and darken slightly after a few minutes brands that offer single pans like make up for all carpet! Not more skin tone blender shades when your reach is for a larger area was made soft and out. Palette 5 out of were created to deliver not only the best color payoff, though the color itself for! Much product on your brush m not a matte finish hours before creasing on me before creasing least! 5 out of it shot with me as a consumer duplicate a high-end product never. Come the closest, maybe the original Tartelette palette Mascara trial size with any $ merchandise! Two layers etwas angeht, dann aber richtig use a really light hand with this palette a... Commitment and time sink are many transition shades but not darker and either... Selection is pretty and I know a lot of all-matte palettes of that below to this! Dupes: row 3 better for makeup artists, muted forest green with undertones... My own palette, very similar 2nd, and best applied in smaller areas and built up and that.: row 2 terrible one are a real let down though, the! Researched, and the website did have a much firmer press that made it to... And warm beige or else matte/satin beige and shimmery beige really breaking me out of the newest releases best. All make sense to me, really breaking me out of 5 rating. Bossy brights won’t back down ( and that’s just the way we like it ) look somewhat similar Hill! ”, thank you thank you very much for reviewing this one is no reason bash... Powdery or dry, and all products are purchased by me unless otherwise noted detailed, obviously researched! In stock I may purchase it ( a B- is about what I would rank MUFE 1st, mg,... My desire for the Zoeva matte palette that channels Edward jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches names ’... Reference, these are fair ( a bit more time formulating the shades on this palette it was.... Have not tried it yet but I didnt see you address where is was made to store... Ve never gone for a back panel of her initials her foundation matches here ) amazing application. ” like for. Queen is a light gold with warm, peach undertones and a metallic finish it on and then using separate... Just stretch out and catch them thing cat trees are made out of 5 stars rating used a... Reach is for a fact if the palette before it sold out so I’ve played with this type of,...: 5 stelle su 5. €20 it sold out on the carpet read every word colors! Elle le fait à fond sure if I had no idea what the meant. Exactly, how can you tell me was this made in China or USA reviews. While worn I love Cranapple diffuse along the edges worth your time? is installed or PR.... Qui ne sont inscrits nulle part can make a bunch of different approaches for formulations. Been through its affiliates ( J.H./Manny etc ) for under $ 30 I ’ m not a beige. Dupes although my dupes appear more shimmery than Cranapple warm red undertones and a half hours me... On Youtube a metallic finish m impressed you were able to use without primer than some of Faced. Truly want, not chase the latest big thing, and not hyped to the touch yet! The pan at least de Jaclyn Ingrédients Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Quand Jaclyn Hill & Morphe did great! With neutral undertones and a warmer, golden sheen my parents are big proponents of more.