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This week on The Fix, Chiko is joined by Le Professor and Afrologic. They discuss small Salah, and do call-ins aand chat with the listeners. 

This week on The Fix, they discuss about a video which surfaced online showing people robbing in traffic at Mile 2 and many other places in Lagos. They suggest solutions to prevent robberies, and...

This week on the Fix they discuss on relationships as they go into the mind of both genders and how they see things. They talk on dating at all stages of age and the possibility of how and where...

This week on The Fix, they dicuss how most Nigerians mothers seem to act the same in their sarcasm, expressions and even phrases. They also discuss bad drivers in Lagos, from over-taking to...

This week on the fix a  scenario was brougfht up where by people of the opposite sex are having a meal and the guy orders his meal and the lady declines to wanting to have something to eat. Just...

This week on the The Fix they discuss on the middle names of various individuals as well as the one of Temisan which is Leroy, sounds weird those it. Well thats the topic today.

This week on the Fix, they talk about how they realise they're getting older as they can't keep up with some of the latest fashion trends, stay up late on multiple nights, and keep up with some of...

This week on The Fix, they discuss what they would do if they were Danfo drivers or conductors and how they are too much of Ajebutters to do it. 


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