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This week on the Discourse they talk about the kidnapping of students in Edo state. Thye talk about the insecurity in that demographic in Nigeria

This week on The Fix they sort of interview an OAP on the show going by the name Temisan. They talk about his childhood, where and how he grew up and various aspects of his general life.

This week on the fix they discuss on various artiste in the industry who may have somehow gone away quitely from the music scene. We are not referring to one hit wonders but artiste who seem to...

This week on The Fix, they discuss how Nigerians don't mind their business and feel entitled to comment on peoples bodies, not thinking about how it makes them feel. 

This week on The Fix, they talk about 'Black Tax', which is when African parents require you to take care of them also when they get older. They state how these days people are against it and don'...

This week on The Fix, they talk about if as a guy, is there a certain way to act around female Uber drivers to make things comfortable for them? Chiko states his encounter with a female Uber...

This week on The Fix, they ask the question 'If you accompany your wife to her office party, and her boss starts to reprimand her, what woul you as the husband do?' 

This week on The Fix, they ask do you really love your jobs, or are you just doing it for the sake of paying bills? They state how people who love their jobs might not leave even if offered a...


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