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The Saturday Xpress

From 6am till noon every Saturday, Neo-Soul, Jazz and R&B to Hip Hop and Afrobeat.

The toast of the show is "The Rap/Hip Hop Classics" which runs from 8 - 10am where REAL Hip Hop music is reborn! The show takes the listener into the origins of Hip Hop; into the golden era and the World Hip Hop scene.

Show elements include:

1) Waking Up The Neighbours (6am to 7am) - Mild/Mid Tempo Sounds of Jazz, Neo Soul and other genres to ease listeners into the day.

2) Steppin' Up The Tempo (7am - 8am) - High energy music for fitness routines, Saturday "spring cleaning" and domestic chores.

3) RAP/HIP HOP CLASSICS (8am - 10am) - 120 Minutes Of Pure Rap/Hip Hop Music that recreates the "golden age" of Hip Hop


5) NAME THE ATHLETE: An interactive game show where listeners win prizes by guessing the right answer to a sports related question.

The Saturday X-Press Is a bumper ride that takes the listener down memory lane, giving that nostalgic feeling all the time.

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Saturdays: 6am - 12pm
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