I have been riding this bike for six months – 3,000 kilometers – and loving it. Pros This thing is lightweight which makes it super fast! The odometer will roll past 2000 miles during tomorrows ride into the office. Folding E-Bikes. Great race bike that won't leave you feeling completely shattered after a couple hours in the saddle. Ultra light-weight hardtail electric cross-country / mountain bike with efficient 29er wheels and premium components, Capable off-road or as a rugged commuter, seat stay bosses for adding a rear rack, remote lockout for front suspension fork to reduce bobbing, 15 mm front and 10 mm rear thru axles for increased stiffness, Efficient centerdrive motor system from Bosch is capable for climbing and makes wheel maintenance easy, Lifetime Frame, 2 Year Drivetrain and Electronics, Double-Butted 7005 Aluminum Alloy (Hydrofrom Top Tube and Seat Stays, Control Taper Headtube, Full Internal Cable Routing), XS 14.5" (Head Angle 71 mm, Seat Angle 73.5 mm, Top Tube Horizontal 561 mm, Head Tube Length 90 mm, Seat Tube Center to Top 368 mm, Bottom Bracket Drop 65 mm, Chain Stay 483 mm, Wheelbase 1094 mm, Standover 679 mm, Rake 46 mm, Reach 385 mm, Stack 595 mm), Small 16" (Head Angle 71 mm, Seat Angle 73 mm, Top Tube Horizontal 586 mm, Head Tube Length 90 mm, Seat Tube Center to Top 406 mm, Bottom Bracket Drop 65 mm, Chain Stay 483 mm, Wheelbase 1115 mm, Standover 714 mm, Rake 46 mm, Reach 398 mm, Stack 614 mm), Medium 18" (Head Angle 71 mm, Seat Angle 73 mm, Top Tube Horizontal 605 mm, Head Tube Length 100 mm, Seat Tube Center to Top 457 mm, Bottom Bracket Drop 65 mm, Chain Stay 483 mm, Wheelbase 1134 mm, Standover 760 mm, Rake 46 mm, Reach 415 mm, Stack 623 mm), Large 20" (Head Angle 71 mm, Seat Angle 73 mm, Top Tube Horizontal 625 mm, Head Tube Length 110 mm, Seat Tube Center to Top 508 mm, Bottom Bracket Drop 65 mm, Chain Stay 483 mm, Wheelbase 1154 mm, Standover 794 mm, Rake 46 mm, Reach 432 mm, Stack 623 mm), XL 22" (Head Angle 71 mm, Seat Angle 73 mm, Top Tube Horizontal 645 mm, Head Tube Length 120 mm, Seat Tube Center to Top 559 mm, Bottom Bracket Drop 65 mm, Chain Stay 483 mm, Wheelbase 1175 mm, Standover 823 mm, Rake 46 mm, Reach 449 mm, Stack 642 mm), Gloss Black Pearl with Grey and Hex Orange Accents, RockShox Reba RLT, Solo Air Suspension with Remote PushLoc Lockout, Alloy Tapered Steerer, Magnesium Lowers, 100 mm Travel (80 mm Travel for XS Frame Size), Adjustable Rebound, 15 mm Maxle Thru Axle, Post Style Disc Mount, 10 mm Thru Axle, Easton X4 Black Hub with Sealed Cartridge Bearings, Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses, Speed 1x10 Shimano Deore XT Shadow Plus 11-36T, Felt Electric MTB Bosch-Specific, Forged Aluminum, 15T Cog: XS-SM = 170 mm, MD-XL = 175 mm, MTB Aluminum Platform, Toe Clip Compatible, FSA No. Your complete guide to Felt e-bikes on Vital MTB. It’s a great design that lets you focus on riding the bike vs. interpreting menus and it’s native to all Bosch Gen2 systems. Is this too small? Each of these signals is computed up to 1,000 times per second to activate or de-activate the motor. Though, to be fair you can get a “city kit” for the SPORTe. We will see how it holds up as the miles pile on. Awesome, sounds like you’re having a blast Dave! I mean that in terms of frame construction, component quality, drive system power and … But even battling cold, snow and headwinds, it has enough power to handle my 35 mile trip. We believe we have the perfect fit for any type of rider and Felt has never disappointed us. With a focus on carbon fiber and aluminum frames Felt bikes are designed and optimized in California to deliver aerodynamics, versatility, durability, and fun. Thank you for the meticulous report you shared. The Felt ebikes are all very high quality… both the frame and the drive system (by Bosch) are top notch. Sturdy Aluminum alloy fenders and chain cover keep you clean and dry, integrated lights help…... A light-duty electric cargo bike that can carry a single child seat on the long rear rack, available in three frame sizes, nimble handling, optional front rack. I honestly don’t have many complaints with this bike, it’s using high end battery technology, a beautiful and intuitive display, a super-responsive motor, a nice suspension fork with lockout and quality hydraulic brakes with quick release on both wheels for easier tuneups and transport. How about a standard trunk bag like this to put on the rear rack… it would hold more and there’s a spot for a water bottle, it’s inexpensive too. I hope it continues well and you have lots of fun rides in the future :). This kind of precision sounds great on paper and it also truly delivers in practice. The motor powering the VERZA-e electric bike is a 350 watt nominal Bosch Centerdrive that senses bicycle speed, rider pedal cadence and rider pedal torque. I realize it’s weird to see this braking cutoff feature on some ebikes and not others, I try to list it as a feature but many bikes these days are forgoing it altogether based on the new fancier motors. I wonder how many full cycles you’ve had, not sure you can actually check without going to a dealer… I think there is a Bosch software update they could help you with as well to improve performance. Nothing mind blowing here but it’s not very common outside of a few select brands in the ebike space right now. The real beauty is just how light this thing is overall for being electric and that the drive system and battery are low, center-mounted and sophisticated. As mentioned in the review the components – brakes, tires, derailleur etc… are high quality and mesh together very well. I find the bike to be outstanding for touring and commuting. … One thing its not clear is whether the brake levers cut down the motor. Sounds great! With the battery installed there is not Enough room for a water bottle to fit on the down tube. You can also lower the tire pressure a bit to improve comfort, just don’t go too low or you could get a flat. The most important parts are your speed, battery charge level and assist level. Felt is definitely a high-performance brand, know for race-winning bicycle designs. You nailed the review! or so. You could totally commute with this thing. It is capable and handles all terrain well. Thanks for sharing the range you’ve been getting and commenting on the lack of bottle cage bosses. It lets you see overall distance, trip distance, max speed, average speed, estimated range, and time. I was without a bike for a while and I needed something. Having them add a Cane Creek seat suspension, raise the handebars another inch, and replace quick release with axle skewers that require a special tool. The only downside is the price. I was willing to have a little more of a rear heavy bike (which I actually do not notice) for the ease of access of a step through). The real win here is that as you shift gears from low to high, the motor benefits from a mechanical advantage and can run more efficiently. One of the bike’s best attributes for me is the great ride – you can go all day and be very happy. Again Thanks. I’ve weighed this pack as well as the more common mid-frame pack (seen on the SPORTe and most other Felt ebikes) and this one seems slightly heavier at ~5.7 lbs. Fork: Running the motor and LED lights here is a rear-rack mounted Bosch PowerPack 400. no space for them). Great feedback Derick! The plastic casing is designed to protect the system and the two year electronics warranty adds peace of mind. Purchased it in May, and have been riding it all over for fun and errands. This rack also attaches to the rear fender adding strength and reducing bouncing and squeaking sounds. Capable off-road or as a rugged commuter, seat stay bosses for adding a rear rack,…... Step-thru version of the standard SPORTe available in two smaller sizes, delivering efficiency, stiffness and quality components for people who enjoy city and road style riding. I honestly couldn’t be happier with it, it delivers everything I wanted from my first electric bike, taking all the ‘no fun’ parts out of cycling in hilly Scotland and keeping all the fun stuff. The Bosch Powerpack 400 was used for a wide range of models and even for different brands so I believe it will be supported longer than most and we may see a higher energy density option at some point. Hi Melany! The brakes on this ebike (and most other Bosch powered models) do not have motor inhibitors built in. You’ve got name brand tubless-ready tires that are folding for reduced weight and easy transport (if you’re bringing spares) and the remote suspension lockout plus multiple frame sizes. Materials. Hope the bike delivers many more fun rides for you! Written Review The Felt SPORTe is part road bike, part city bike. The extra large frame does have the cage bosses. This is especially important for technical off-road riding and Bosch nails it. For the Nine e… The Racing Ralph tire set-up…. I’ve heard of them getting loose on some ebikes when there is a lot of bumpy riding or heavier weight involved (this is why cargo bikes often have thicker spokes and smaller wheels). Hi Faunus! Powered by the award winning Bosch Centerdrive motor system that offers high torque output, shift…... A stylish fat tire electric bike with unique camouflage paint job, stylish Old Man Mountain cargo racks and integrated Motion Stella 300 headlight. I love my Felt Verza E (called E30 in the UK)! I use it every day after being away from regular cycling for 15 years, thanks Court ! I feel like the battery is very well protected against tips and crashes by the aluminum bars that make up the rear rack and I love how well designed the rack is for use with bags and panniers. Update, While I now have over 6000 miles as of a about1.5 weeks ago. (The only minor exception would be the pedals, which as Court pointed out, can get slippery when wet and I think just are not up to the standard of the rest of the bike). Of course, the big upside is a much lower standover height. It’s the Volvo of endurance bikes — well thought out and well made, comfortable and dependable — just not all that exciting. Thanks for the great testimonial and tips on accessories Paul. Alternatively, if you wanted to save money and get something that’s purpose built for relaxed riding then I’d recommend one of the Easy Motion city bikes like the Evo City or Evo Street which are ~$3k. A lightweight, high speed, sleek commuter style electric bike with completely rigid frame and fork, narrow tires coast efficiently, quick release on both wheels. So I am commuting around 150 miles a week, so far it performed well, but not flawless. I’m using this to commute about 43 miles a day (round trip). How did you connect the trailer Cris? I also purchased a trailer to haul my little Westie … as I say, this bike turns an errand into an adventure. The motor assisting you is a 350 watt geared mid-drive design from Bosch. Have fun out there and feel free to share updates as you use the VERZAe more and more :). Other than the inevitable scratches and tire tread wearing out, I haven’t had any parts go bad on me. I almost got the Benelli Classica because I prefer the classic European styling (my current regular bike is an Opus Lugano), but I think this will be a better choice for longer rides. It performs wonderfully on trails, mountainous terrain and urban environments thanks to the large efficient wheels, remote suspension lockout and rear rack bosses. Can’t say I have used this much yet though. Starting this ebike in electric mode is fairly straight forward. Is it possible to install wider tires to help with shock absorption? I have ridden a few e-bikes since 2009, both hub and mid drive, but nothing over $2K. So it’s powerful and durable but most importantly… it’s responsive. Yeah, it seems like batteries are getting slightly better with each passing year. Not as heavy as other cargo e-bikes in part because of the Shimano drive system,…... A surprisingly light weight electric cargo bike with an abundance of rack and tie down mounting points for use with a myriad of accessories. The result is a fantastic urban bike suitable for comfortable commuting, recreation, grocery shopping, and more. This bike not only looks great but it features some high end components that keep the weight low - around 22 lbs. Thanks again for the great reviews you do Court. I found the VERZA to be comfortable but still high-performing given the design it offers. Not as heavy as other cargo e-bikes in part because of the Shimano drive system,…... A surprisingly light weight electric cargo bike with an abundance of rack and tie down mounting points for use with a myriad of accessories. the Felt ebikes are awesome and I’m excited about the new Verza :D, I have been loving my Felt Verza electric bike! The motor is so responsive (measuring torque, wheel speed and pedal cadence 1,000 times per second) that they do not include inhibitors. I would like to add a sprung seat post. Do you know which Racing Ralph version is used: Snakeskin, Liteskin, Double Defense? I thought I didn’t want a step through but it means I can ride it wearing dresses or jeans with the guard on the chain. Even when fully loaded with bags, the 48/31 crankset rarely felt undergeared on any climb. The recommended PSI range for this tire was not recorded by me when I covered the bike in 2015 but it is something I always look for now. You can expect to get great range however, up to 65 miles in the lowest level of assist, and that’s not an exaggeration. Your email address will not be published. I’m looking at buying this bike in August and have a few questions… Hope you can answer! I’m glad to hear that the bike and the drive system from Bosch are reliable and still satisfying. Nice! The battery is also of excellent quality; I have yet to notice any degradation. The Felt VERZAe delivers comfort and utility at a reasonable price (considering it uses the high-end Bosch drive system). I’ve had the Felt Nine E since they came out with it nearly, and I have really enjoyed this bike. Weighing in at ~38 pounds (varying by size) it’s not a burden to lift up stairs or hazardous trail points such as drops or rivers. Felt’s designs are carefully calibrated and crafted in the United States and then produced, for cost purposes, in Asia. Using the remote button pad you can arrow up or down through no assist or Eco 50%, Tour 120%, Sport 190% and Turbo 275%. Are they no longer available? I noticed on the video there are bottle cage bosses on the seat tube, but on the Felt Web site, there are none. I’m glad the Felt Verza-e has been working well for you and that the Bosch motor is strong enough and efficient enough. That’s still relatively light in my opinion however. One little extra feature on the display panel is a Micro USB charging port at the top right corner which can be used to update firmware for the display or charge your electronic devices (like GPS, iPods and other portable electronics). The whole thing is welded to the main frame and it’s also painted to match, it’s very secure feeling and professional looking and there are two extra reflectors at the rear as well as reflective sidewall stripes on the tires so cars shouldn’t have a problem seeing you at night. Hey Derick! Hope to add rack-adapter to pull my Burley Travoy trailer, and still have space for panniers. The drawbacks are increased battery weight (though only .2 lbs) and a heavier downtube as well as some flex when you really pedal hard and maneuver the steering… it’s almost like crack the whip. Compared with nonelectric bikes, e-bikes tend to be heavy. Great question, I’m a fan of fatter “higher air volume” tires for comfort reasons, as you suggest. They are made well, have a solid warranty and come with relaxed bars, comfort saddles and fenders, lights and racks for utility around town. Maybe Felt should hire me to be a durability tester, just a thought. Just purchased the Verza E today, after reading your review, watching the video, and taking it out for an extended test ride in rush-hour traffic. The quality is impeccable and it’s so light and runs so smoothly, I often turn off the motor on flat roads. Of course, the higher you go the more power you use ;) The display panel also shows you an odometer, trip distance, time and range estimation which is really cool. The new AR is notably one of the first wholly new bikes to come from the company since its acqu… Sorry I cannot be of more help, look at the tire sidewalls for a PSI rating, it may be something like 35 PSI and here’s a page which seems to have more info on it. The quality components and frame on the Felt have been truly impressive so far! My understanding is that YES, the PowerPack 400 and 500 use the same case and interface… they also operate at 36 volts, so they are interchangeable. With two sensors embedded in the motor and one at the rear wheel this bike is constantly measuring your pedal force, cadence and bike speed for instantaneous activation and deactivation. I now keep up with my husband on cycles and use the car less. Most impressed with the Intuvia display – I think it is the best one going. Its complicated to mount a front basket on this bike, due to the electronic screen … so far, that’s my only “problem” with this amazing bike :), Nice! The brakes are also hydraulic so they can overpower the motor pretty well on most assist levels and in most situations. Thanks for chiming in after a couple years of use. It’s definitely one of my favorite electric bike drive systems on the market right now and I like how Felt really emphasized approachability with this bike frame. blixbike.com. When operating the VERZAe on the lowest of four assist levels, you can seriously get 60+ miles per charge on flat smooth terrain. To activate this bike you simply connect a charged battery and then press the power button at the lower left corner of the LCD display unit. Also, it has a walking mode button on the breakout control panel to help you push it. You won’t end up flustering your local bike shop when coming in for repairs because the wheels, hydraulic brakes and cassette are all standard bike components… no extra wires there, no distractions.
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