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Organised Labour, Sunday, fixed Tuesday, October 30, for a nationwide mass protest as part of activities to sensitise workers and other Nigerians ahead of the start of...

Saudi Arabia has blamed the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on a "rogue operation", giving a new account of an act that sparked a global outcry. Foreign Minister...

President Muhammadu Buhari extends heartfelt condolences to the Kutigi family on the passing of the former Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), the Honourable Justice Idris...

The federal government has noted the concerns and fears raised on omitted and missing names in the ongoing verification exercise of the liquidated Nigeria Airways...

The plan by the Federal Capital Territory Administration ( FCTA) to establish  a specialised University in the field of Science and Technology, came to fruition...

The Abuja Commitment made by the Federal and State governments to provide active leadership of polio eradication activities, including routine immunization, is a debt...

The Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) has said it is not against the upward review of the minimum wage, but just worried about finding the resources to cater to the new figure, if it is approved....

President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in Abuja assured ambassadors in Nigeria of continued support and ease of access to ensure improved relations and shared benefits...


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