Israel vows to continue Gaza attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the Israeli forces will continue their attacks in Gaza in spite the U.S. threat to halt some weapon shipments. Netanyahu in a public speech posted today on his official X account, said “no amount of pressure” will stop Israel from “defending itself” and “If Israel is forced to […]

US to build temporary port to deliver aid to Gaza

President Joe Biden is to announce that the US military will construct a port in Gaza to get more humanitarian aid into the territory by sea. Senior US officials say, the temporary port will increase the amount of humanitarian assistance to Palestinians by “hundreds of additional truckloads” per day, but it will not include US […]

US President Joe Biden hopes for ceasefire in Israel-Gaza war

The Egyptian foreign minister said “the world is witnessing the most heinous crimes” against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, adding that the war there has exposed double standards in the approach to crises around the world. Sameh Shoukry made the remarks at the session of Human Rights Council in Geneva, stressing the need for […]

Ceasefire talks resume as Rafah under fire in Israel Gaza conflict

 Egyptian media say Negotiations for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza have resumed in Cairo. Senior officials from the US, Israel, Egypt and Qatar are meeting as Israel faces strong international pressure to stop its bombardment of the southern Gaza city of Rafah. About 1.5 million people are crammed into this small border […]

Qatar announces Gaza truce extended by two days

Qatar says Israel and Hamas have agreed to a two-day extension to the current truce which has seen hostages freed and Palestinian prisoners released. US national security spokesman John Kirby says Hamas has committed to releasing another 20 women and children over the next two days. Families have been informed by the Israeli government that […]

Qatar says Gaza truce starts Friday, 13 hostages to be initially released

A four-day truce agreed by Israel and Hamas is due to begin at 7 am today Friday. The beginning of the four-day truce on Friday will mark the first pause in fighting in nearly seven weeks of war. Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid al-Ansari said the first batch of 13 civilian hostages held in the […]

The UN warns “civil order” is deteriorating in Gaza after weeks of siege and bombardment, with people breaking into warehouses to take survival essentials

Israel’s military said it exchanged gunfire with Hamas and struck targets in northernGaza Sunday as part of its expanded ground operations in the enclave. Israeli mediashowed the country’s troops atop a hotel about 2 miles into the strip.Israel’s offensive has “crossed the red lines,” Iran’s president said Sunday, as the USnational security adviser warned of […]