Kenya is sending 1,500 farm workers to Israel, according to the labour ministry

The announcement comes nearly two weeks after Malawi sent 221 young people to work on Israeli farms, triggering a backlash against the government there. The casual workers will be deployed on three-year renewable contracts, “with a guaranteed net [monthly] income” of $1,500 (£1,195). Israel has turned to Africa to fill a severe labour gap on […]

The Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Herzog, says he is hopeful a deal for the release of a significant number of hostages will be reached “in the coming days”

Herzog told newsmen that “serious efforts” were being made, but that the fewer detailshe revealed, “the better the chances of such a deal”.Qatar, which has been mediating, also says a deal is within reach. Qatar’s Prime MinisterMohammed Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said on Sunday that only “very minor” practicaland logistical obstacles remain, adding that “we are […]

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that a ceasefire in the Gaza war “will not happen” as it would be “to surrender” to Hamas

Netanyahu also told a press conference that other countries must give more help in thestruggle to free more than 230 hostages seized by Hamas in its October 7 attacks.Vowing that Israel would “fight until this battle is won”, Netanyahu assured that hisarmy was going out of its way to “prevent civilian casualties” in Gaza.Meanwhile, UN […]