Kenya reopen schools, declare Friday public holiday to mourn flood victims

Kenya’s President William Ruto has declared Friday a public holiday to mourn the 238 people who have died due to ongoing flooding. The president on Wednesday said the day will be observed by national tree planting activities to help mitigate the effects of climate change. President Ruto also announced the reopening of schools countrywide, after […]

 Kenya to pause police deployment to Haiti, as Haiti’s prime minister resigns

 Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry has agreed to resign following weeks of mounting pressure and increasing violence in the impoverished country. It comes after regional leaders met in Jamaica on Monday to discuss a political transition in Haiti. Mr. Henry is currently stranded in Puerto Rico after being prevented by “armed gangs” from returning home. […]

Kenyan cult leader Paul Mackenzie charged with 191 murders

A cult leader in Kenya, Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, has been charged with murder of 191 children, after more than 400 bodies were found buried in shallow graves in a remote forest in the east of the country. Accused of running a doomsday cult, Survivors and victims’ families have said Paul Mackenzie urged followers to fast […]

Kenya is sending 1,500 farm workers to Israel, according to the labour ministry

The announcement comes nearly two weeks after Malawi sent 221 young people to work on Israeli farms, triggering a backlash against the government there. The casual workers will be deployed on three-year renewable contracts, “with a guaranteed net [monthly] income” of $1,500 (£1,195). Israel has turned to Africa to fill a severe labour gap on […]

Kenya is to end visa requirements to all African visitors by the end of the year

President William Ruto told an international conference in Congo-Brazzaville it is timeKenya realise that having visa restrictions amongst Africans is working against thecontinent.Visa-free travel within the continent has been a goal of the African Union (AU) for thepast decade.While there are regional deals and bilateral arrangements, progress towards norestrictions has been slow.Only Seychelles, The Gambia […]