Amira is the Director, Sales & Marketing. She is a highly experienced Business Administrator and Manager of people with some Landmark achievements associated to her, arising from her Visionary capacity in various spheres of life including the Media, Banking and Manufacturing. Amira introduced innovative processes and practices in the art of radio marketing that have evolved and are now being adopted by others in the industry. She has also worked in different capacities in various international organizations including, Continental Merchant, formerly Chase Manhattan, where she worked for over 8 years. Her contribution in the public affairs department resulted in numerous landmark image-enhancing laurels for the Bank. She was also part of the team that carried out financial transactions in international brokerage resulting in increased fee-based income for the bank. She has also worked in LAFARGE, S.A as the head of Communications where she successfully identified and managed the organization’s key internal and external stakeholders’ relationships. She was also in a short period of time, able to enhance the profile and positioning of the company as a major player in the manufacturing and marketing of Cement in Nigeria.